Bibcock Water Tap Manufacturer

Bibcock Water Tap Manuafcturer

Established in the year 1989 we, “Siddhnath Brass Industries”, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company are prominent manufacturers, wholesaler and suppliers of a wide range of Brass Products and Component, we are the best Bibcock Water Tap Manufacturer. The offered range has been availed to the customers at the most efficient and market leading price range. In this range we have a wide variety to offer that easily fulfills the covered demands of the customers.

Globally, pillar taps, or bibcock water taps, are a traditional and flexible plumbing fixture seen in homes and commercial buildings. Their simple construction, with only one body and a quarter-turn lever for controlling water flow, is what sets them unique. While they may appear simple, bibcock taps have several advantages and are available in a range of designs and materials to meet a range of requirements and tastes.

Benefits of Bibcock Water Taps

Simple to use: The quarter-turn function makes it easy to regulate the flow of water, which makes them perfect for elderly people, kids, and those with poor skill.
Cost-effective: Bibcocks are a budget-friendly different since they are often less expensive than other tap designs.
Flexible: They may be used in a variety of settings, such as outdoor areas, gardens, laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.
Diversity of styles: Bibcocks are available in a variety of styles and finishes, from classic chrome to shiny brass and modern matte black, to match a variety of decor types.

Types of Bibcock Water Taps


  • The most popular material for bibcocks is brass, which has unique Preventing corrosion and durability. Additionally, they come in gold, nickel, or silver finishes.
  • Plastic: Less expensive than brass, but more weak and likely to destroying over time. They are frequently utilized in temporary installations or outside.
  • Known for its hardness and ability to withstand rust and harming, stainless steel is a stylish and modern material. They may cost more than brass or plastic, though.

Mounting type:

Ground-mounted: The most popular kind, attached to the wall directly with bolts or screws. They provide a clean and simple appearance and are perfect for saving counter space.
Deck-mounted: Put right up to the sink or table. They offer more of a modern look and simple access.

Handle type:

  • Knob: The classic bibcock handle, typically small and round. They offer a simple and traditional look.
  • Lever: A more modern option, often found on contemporary bibcocks. They are larger and easier to grip, making them more accessible.

Spout type:

  • Straight spout: The most common type, offering a focused water stream.
  • Swivel spout: Can be rotated to direct water flow in different directions, increasing flexibility and convenience.

Bibcock Water Tap Manufacturer

Siddhnath Brass Industries is the Best Bibcock Water Tap Manufacturer.

One of the leading manufacturers of brass bibcock water taps, Siddhnath Brass Industries, provides a variety of shapes and styles to suit your unique requirements. Our goal is to provide our clients plumbing goods that are strong, dependable, and reasonably priced.

Here are some of the reasons to choose Siddhnath Brass Industries for your bibcock water tap needs:

Wide range of designs and styles: We provide a wide variety of bibcocks that suit any preference and interior decor.
Premium components: We use the best brass to create our goods, which guarantees their lifetime and durability.
Excellent craftsmanship: We guarantee that every bibcock is made to last by taking great delight in our careful attention to detail.
Competitive costs: We provide our goods at reasonable costs without sacrificing their quality.
Outstanding customer service: We’re dedicated to giving our clients the greatest support before to, during, and following their transaction.

Choosing the Right Bibcock Water Tap

When choosing a bibcock water tap, consider the following factors:

  • Application: Where will the bibcock be used? Different applications require different features and functionality.
  • Material: Choose a material that is durable, resistant to corrosion, and complements your existing decor.
  • Mounting type: Decide whether you prefer a wall-mounted or deck-mounted bibcock.
  • Handle type: Select a handle that is comfortable and easy to use.
  • Spout type: Choose a spout that provides the desired water flow and flexibility.
  • Style: Choose a bibcock that complements your overall design aesthetic.


Bibcock water taps are a useful and adaptable plumbing solution that may improve your house or place of business’s appearance and performance. They are a well-liked option for a variety of applications due to its straightforward design, durability, affordability, and variety of forms and materials. You may select the ideal bibcock tap to optimize your daily water consumption experience and match your area by taking into account your unique demands and preferences.

Siddhnath Brass Industries is your trusted partner for reliable and high-quality bibcock water taps. We invite you to explore our extensive collection and find the perfect solution for your needs.

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